Simplicity Wins


In our world of over stimulation, instant gratification and material goods this article begins to put every thing in perspective when it comes to raising kids today. With mental illness on a drastic rise in the past decade, this article is a must read for parents, educators and even kids.  Let’s start putting kids first by giving them less and letting them explore and discover more.

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Illness!


screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-10-51-13-amHey everyone!  A new great resource for kids to help explain to them about changes that happen during adolescence.  This website not only describes the physical changes, but also the social emotional changes a child may go through during this crazy period of their life.  The videos are great and the information even greater:)  Check it out kids and parents!!!

Website: Youtube channel

Hey Seniors! Let’s make your Senior year an AMAZING one!

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Today we’re going to focus on realistic, healthy coping skills for you that can, and will, keep your stress levels at a minimum so you can thoroughly enjoy and have fun your senior year!!!



Healthy Coping Skill #1:  Journaling

  1. Journal Topic-How are you feeling about what you’re learning today???  What are some concerns you have about your senior year?

 Healthy Coping Skill #2: Make a Gratitude list!

Healthy Coping Skill #3-Effective Time Management

3. Article: Why Can’t I Stop Procrastinating? -What type of procrastinator are you?

4. Discussion: What type of procrastinator are you? Form a group of people with different procrastination styles, read the following article and answer the questions, then discuss in your groups.

5. Article: How Can I Get It All Done?-Time Management Strategies that work

  • Complete Questions, all but last question, individually

7. How to Deal-Berna shares how to effectively Manage Time and create To-Do Lists

5. Partner Share-Time Management Strategies (last question on handout)

6. Time management strategies That work for you-Large Group Share Out 

Healthy Coping Skill #4: Mindfulness and Meditation

7. Meditation-Watch TED Talk and Head Space Animation

  • Andy Puddicome TED Talk


8. Meditation time!HEADSPACE

9. Benefits of Meditation

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.46.44 AM

Healthy Coping Skill #5: Talk it Out

10. Reaching out to others-find a partner

    • What are you most nervous or apprehensive this year?
    • Are you and your parents seeing eye to eye for your plan after high school
    • Is there anything you don’t have time for that you would like to do?
    • What can you take off your plate so you can find time to do this?
    • What are you most excited about for senior year???


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7th Grade-Let’s Advocate for Healthy Choices!

Making healthy choices as you get older can be a tough thing to do.  Luckily, you just learned all the most updated information about how to live a healthy lifestyle in our grade 7 Health class.  Now it’s your turn to share what you’ve learned!  Your job is to write a letter to an incoming 6th grade student teaching them how to make at least 3 healthy choices while in middle school when it comes to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, technology and/or time management.  Make sure to state WHY these healthy choices are important and how making these choices can improve different areas of health (social, emotional, physical and mental).  Also, give some specific suggestions of what they can do to make their middle school days as healthy as possible, as well as some personal examples from your own experience.

Great luck!

Healthy Choices Assessment Letter F2014

Healthy Choices Rubric- F2014

Why Are We Making Ourselves and Our Kids So Busy???

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I recently read an article entitled “The Disease of Being Busy“.  As a parent and a teacher I see all too often a child being over scheduled with lessons, extra study sessions, involved in more extra curricular activities to count, often times leaving them overly exhausted and missing out on those unstructured play/hangout times necessary to learn various social and problem solving skills and to be imaginative and creative with their friends!  Sometimes I feel the pressure to jump on the over scheduled bandwagon for myself and my children, but this article is a great reminder why it’s so important to say NO to being busy.