We Are Imperfectly Perfect

In class I asked the kids to create an advocacy project on bullying/cyberbullying.  However, a group of girls in my class decided they felt strongly about another issue, body image.  They asked if they could create a PSA on this topic and of course my answer was, “Go for it!”  We know when kids are inspired to take a topic and run with it, let them do it.  Here’s the video they created.  A great example of the advocacy “feel good” project from our class.


Loving Yourself…Inside and Out

In our 6th grade health classes, we are currently talking to students about body image.  We use a lot of resources to help our students understand that we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc.  But nothing is a better example than personal stories.  Here’s Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o speech on Black Beauty and the importance of loving yourself…Inside and out.

This would also be a great addition and example in Media Literacy Lessons.