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Our 8th grade students just completed their Tech Balance Infographics and they turned out, well, pretty awesome!  This was a project we have never done before and we also used online programs that was pretty much foreign to us.  Not only did students learn more about how to balance tech in their busy lives, they all learned how to use new programs to create their infographics.  Such a great skill to learn!  And the most important part of the project, they took the time to research, learn and relay information about a part technology balance they felt passionate about and are now ADVOCATES for Technology Balance.  Pretty amazing!  Nice work 8th graders!

Procrastination Infographic-Victoria B2

Tech Balance-Justina B1

Online Tech Use Infographic-Victoria B1

Benefits of Video Games-Donna B2

video games infographic (1)

Video Games Good for Kids?? Yes!

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All you gaming junkies are probably jumping up and down right now, but hold on kids (and some of you parents out there!), there is a but…

Recent studies have shown that video games can be beneficial for kids but only when played 1 hour or less a day.  Anything after an hour can be potentially harmful kids health.  So why and how can video games be beneficial?

Here’s a few ways a little gaming per day can be beneficial for children:

  • increased feelings of happiness
  • more well adjusted
  • more helpful
  • more emotionally stable
  • higher levels of sociability
  • less hyperactivity
  • secure friendships

If video games are played for more than one hour, then you will find the opposite effects of the benefits above in children.  In an article by Dennis Thompson from WebMD he states, “Video game junkies were more likely to be moody, unhappy with their life and apt to act out in negative ways.”

So kids grab that controller and start gaming for that beneficial hour!  But after your homework is completed of course!!!!


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