Parents! Parents! Read all about it!!!

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Hey parents!  As a parent, there have definitely been times where I have asked myself, “Am I doing this parenting thing right? Did I mess up my child forever by saying that one thing to them?”  Well, we all know there is no “right” way to parent especially because every child is different!  But when we do have questions about our children and their social/emotional development, I’ve found a great resource for you!

It’s called Parent Tool Kit, a place where you can go to see where your child should be (approximately of course because every child is different) in terms of social and emotional development from Pre-k-12th grade.  It looks at various social and emotional areas such as self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills and decision making skills.  There is also a section for parent tips and guides that can be helpful during those times when you’re unsure of how to handle or know what to say to your child in certain situations (note to self).  I hope you take the time to check out this awesome website!  Happy reading and learning!

Being Transgender

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Kids are kids.  Kids know who they are and what they like and enjoy doing.  They do not lie about who they are and they pretty much wear their personality on their sleeve.  As they should, of course!!  So what if a kid who was born a boy said he was a girl?  What would you do?  What would you think? This is a typical day and life of many kids all around the world.  These kids are transgender kids who know pretty much from the they are born that they are different: born with body parts that don’t match the gender they see themselves as.

Here is a great article, “Transgender kids: “Everyone was calling me Sebastian, but I knew I was a girl” promoting a new documentary presented by Louis Theroux on BBC2 entitled “Transgender Kids.” Read the article and then check out the documentary after it airs.  Lets educate ourselves on the growing population of transgender kids in our world today!  Acceptance is everything.

Attention 8th Graders! Get the Drug and Alcohol Lab here!

Hey 8th grade.  We have just begun our unit focused on Alcohol and Marijuana.  Drug and Alcohol Lab-F2014!  I’ll be circulating throughout the classroom while you’re working to answer questions and help in any way that you need me. You can work with a partner or in small groups, but please make sure that you complete your own lab, with your own thoughts and opinions.  Have fun!

Video is a MUST watch.

After watching this video, I went through multiple emotions.  I was shocked, saddened, upset but most of all it made me want to take action.  I hope this video hits home with you as much as it did with me.  #healthforalllivingthings