Lets Set a Goal 7th Graders!

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Hey 7th Graders!

The time has come for you to pick a wellness goal for the semester and get into action. Pick something that you’d like to work on – physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially- and draft a plan. Remember to make it a SMART goal:

S- Specific (you’ve got to see it to reach it!)

M- Measurable (how will you know you’ve achieved it?)

A- Adjustable (things come up! Make sure you can adjust accordingly.)

R- Realistic (if it’s not realistic, you’ll just end up frustrated!)

T- Timely (set a goal you can reach by the end of the school year.)

Fill out the following sheet with details about your goal and save it to your health folder on your Mac. You’ll need to go back to it every two weeks for a check-in and reflection.

Personal Goal Setting Project- Spring 2015

Working towards goals can be challenging, and you’ll need some reminders and help along the way. Use the following document to write a letter to yourself that you can go back to when you need some extra support!

Goal Setting Letter- S2015

If you are in need for some extra inspiration, please go back and watch the video about Dartanyon and Leroy.  Goal setters can’t get much more inspirational than these two incredible individuals!

Goal Setting

In class we’ve been learning about goals and what inspires us to make goals.  Here are just a few goal setters we used as examples in class when doing our goal setter project.

Two cleveland wresters excel with odds against them-Good luck not tearing up

The follow-up-Good luck again

Ryan Higa: