Food RULES!…no really, it does.

In our 7th grade classes we have just begun talking about the importance of nutrition in our lives.  To help the students better understand what does healthy eating look like, we are reflecting on lessons we taught in 6th grade geared around the Food Plate and also started using Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules to help them better understand what healthy eating actually looks like.

We are putting students in groups of 2 or 3 and they each get a food rule from Michael Pollan’s book.  In their groups they need to research and find valid information helping them create a kid-friendly paragraph about why  their food rule is so important.  Then they need to create a piece of art displaying their food rule as well.  It could be 2-D, 3-D really anything they want to create that represents their food rule!  Fun!   Here is the a video by Michael Pollen that we used to intro their project…

For more information on this project, see Healthy Choices and Advocacy and go to Food Rules!  under 7th Grade Health.

Talk about a Champion


If you want inspiration, here she is. Ebony Nettles-Bay, a high school student and basketball player from Verona, WI has  some dreams and goals and she’s not letting her fight with cancer get in her way.

Rick Rilley’s article Ebony is worth meeting, Lebron will make you smile while bringing tears to your eyes.  What heart, what admiration, what courage this young lady has.  An inspiring example for all of us. Come on LeBron, what do you say?