Media Literacy and Body Image

The importance of teaching students about media and the messages that are often sent to kids via the media is indispensable.  This year we are kicking off this unit using Scholastic’s Choices Magazines article on Photo Altering and debate on whether photo shopping is hurting students and the images of themselves.  Check out our Unit Plan below.

Day 1:

1. Meditation (7 min Silent Meditation)

2. Go over the words Media and Literacy separately and then talk about what they mean when they go together.  I like to write each of the words on the board and have a discussion

3.  Have them do question number 1 on the Choices Magazine Handout before reading the article and discuss.

4.  Read Choices Article entitled, “Which Side are you on?” together as a class and have your own mini debate!

5. Finish up the questions on the handout and discuss.

6.  Here are more discussion questions to ask if necessary.  Usually the kids have sooo much to say about this topic because they deal with every day with their social media use!

Day 2:

1. Journal:

2. Health Trek Lesson on Media Literacy and Body Image.

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