Being Transgender

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Kids are kids.  Kids know who they are and what they like and enjoy doing.  They do not lie about who they are and they pretty much wear their personality on their sleeve.  As they should, of course!!  So what if a kid who was born a boy said he was a girl?  What would you do?  What would you think? This is a typical day and life of many kids all around the world.  These kids are transgender kids who know pretty much from the they are born that they are different: born with body parts that don’t match the gender they see themselves as.

Here is a great article, “Transgender kids: “Everyone was calling me Sebastian, but I knew I was a girl” promoting a new documentary presented by Louis Theroux on BBC2 entitled “Transgender Kids.” Read the article and then check out the documentary after it airs.  Lets educate ourselves on the growing population of transgender kids in our world today!  Acceptance is everything.