Advocacy Through Art Article!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.47.02 AMHey 7th Grade Parents and Students!

Just wanted to share with you an article Amy Smith, one of the other Health teachers here at SAS, wrote for Scholastic online magazine about our cross curricular Advocacy Through Art project we recently completed.
Check it out!  It’s pretty awesome our students hard work is being shared and showcased all around the world:) Ask your child about their Advocacy topic and have them show you their Public Service Announcement (PSA). Great work 7th Graders!
 You’re awesome!!   Click the link below and enjoy!
Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!!!

Love This Commercial and The Message It Sends

After putting out a controversial Dick’s Sporting Goods basketball catalog with nearly no girls in the magazine, and having middle school girl basketball player McKenna Peterson call them out on it, this holiday commercial shows that they were listening…Amazing advocacy McKenna and bravo Dick’s for taking a step in the right direction.  Let’s hope this is just the beginning…