Communication and Relationships

This unit is all about how to effectively deal with tough situations and common conflicts that arise in 7th grade with friends, family, teachers, etc.

Day 1:

Journal: What are some common conflicts that happen in 7th grade?

Have a discussion about journal topic and write down list of common conflicts on the board.

Work through communication handout.  Just a little bit of note-taking but a lot of good conversation and examples to go along with the note-taking:)  The kids always have some great examples!

Communication Vocab:Note Taking Sheet

Answer Key-Communication Vocab:Note Taking Sheet


 Day 2


2. 4 Corners Activity:

3. Get kids into random groups for the skits and have have decide on what conflict they will focus on in their skit (choosing from the conflicts listed on the board).


Day 3:

  1. Journal: Talk about a time when you used ineffective communication to solve a conflict

2. Brainpop-Time and Moby: Conflict Resolution

3. Hand out Conflict Resolution Skits Rubric-F2015 and talk about expectations (really emphasize to students they will be performing the ineffective way to solve a problem first and then rewinding to solve the same problem in an effective manner.

4. Kids can beginning writing their scripts!


Day 4:

  1. Meditation
  2. Finish up scripts and show teacher before practicing
  3. Practice!


Day 5:

  1. Journal: When have you used effective communication to solve a problem before?  Give us the details and try to use some new vocabulary you learned!
  2. Finishing touches on skits and then present!


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