Technology Balance Project!

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Infographics are used quite a bit in reporting health news, as they’re a visually appealing way to get facts and statistics out to the community.

Here are some samples…

Infographic: Meditation in Schools Across America

Infographic: 15 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Happier

Today you’re going to create your own and demonstrate advocacy by taking your posters to a whole new level.

Project- Tech Balance Infographics

Standard 2- Analyzing the influence of technology on personal & family health.

Your task: pick one of the topics that we’ve been discussing during our technology balance unit, gather some research, and create an infographic to get your point across.

Here are some possible topics…

-Digital footprint

-Tech balance/ face-to-face communication

-Digital Citizenship

-Time management/tech distractions

-The benefits of video games

-Mindfulness in a connected world

Pick a topic that interests you or another one of your choice, do a little research, and find at least four facts or statistics to include in your infographic to back up your topic.

Then use one of these easy to follow infographic programs and get started…



Here’s the rubric so you know exactly what we’re looking for. Remember to cite your sources at the bottom.

Infographic Rubric- Technology F2014

Pretty Awesome Infographics

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Our 8th grade students just completed their Tech Balance Infographics and they turned out, well, pretty awesome!  This was a project we have never done before and we also used online programs that was pretty much foreign to us.  Not only did students learn more about how to balance tech in their busy lives, they all learned how to use new programs to create their infographics.  Such a great skill to learn!  And the most important part of the project, they took the time to research, learn and relay information about a part technology balance they felt passionate about and are now ADVOCATES for Technology Balance.  Pretty amazing!  Nice work 8th graders!

Procrastination Infographic-Victoria B2

Tech Balance-Justina B1

Online Tech Use Infographic-Victoria B1

Benefits of Video Games-Donna B2

video games infographic (1)

Can Technology be Healthy?

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These days there are so many articles about how Technology hinders our every day experiences (many of which I completely agree with) but it’s refreshing to hear about the positives technology can bring us as well!   There are many ways technology can lead to positive change in the lives of  youth and Amy Jussel gives us tips on how to take technology to help make positive changes in children’s lives.  Teachers, parents, teens, youth, check it out!