6th Grade: Evaluating Online Resouces

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.10.03 PM

Hey kids!  Today we’re going to take some time to closely at websites we find online to make sure they are valid, resourceful and kid-friendly.  We want to make sure if you ever need to use the computer to search a Health topic, you have some great resources in your back pocket to go to.

First we’re going to watch a fews videos on the power of safe online searching:

BrainPop: Online Sources

Credible Sources?-From Hartness Library in Vermont

Next let’s do some research and look at the KidsHealth website together.

Now it’s your turn on your own!  First, download the note-taking sheet.

Evaluating Health Websites Fall 2014

Evaluating Health Websites Rubric F2015

Second, think of a typical question one may have during puberty, put it into your favorite search engine and see your results.  From what you know and learned evaluating sources for their validity, complete your own evaluating health websites sheet.  With all the awesome valid and reliable websites you and your friends in the class find, you will have a great tool kit of websites that will give you awesome information about PUBERTY!  🙂

Happy researching!


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