You Are About to Enter…THE BLUE ZONES!!!!!!

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Part 1: First go to the Blue Zone Slide Show to see what Blue Zones are all about!!!!!

Hey all you 6th graders! So you just learned about the Wellness Wheel and the four main areas of our health: Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental. You also learned that you are at your best when these four areas are at healthy balance. But sometimes knowing actually HOW to maintain balance in these four areas can be tricky!

This is where you come in. We need your help. I know you just saw the slideshows and pictures of people living in BLUE ZONES. It’s crazy! People can’t stop talking about these places and we heard people who live in Blue Zones are special for some reason but we have yet to find out why. For some reason, I think the information we learn about blue zones could help us in some way. So let’s find out more about these BLUE ZONES!!!!

Begin your travels to the Blue Zones by clicking this link: Blue Zones Project-Word

You can go to any website, watch any video on Blue Zones, but make sure you copy and paste the URL’s of all the websites you use in on your note taking sheet.

Enjoy the ride!

Next Steps:

PART 2: Setting your Goals

  1. Find someone who has the opposite character strengths as you to team up with (this way you can learn from each other!)
  2. Write four SMART goals, one for each side of your Wellness Wheel – physical, mental, emotional and social. Make sure your goal is action-based, not circumstance-based. If you’re having a hard time finding goals, remember what we learned from the Blue Zones, and set some based on the strengths you’d like to improve.
  3. Type them on the bottom of your Blue Zones research questions.
  4. Check your goals with your partner to make sure they’re SMART ones.
  5. Check your goals with me for final approval and any tweaking.
  6. Print!!

Part 3: The Podcast Interview

1. Write a script with your partner. You need to make sure you include all four of your goals, as well as which side of the Wellness Wheel they’re covering. Don’t forget to make your podcast entertaining and to let your individual strengths shine through!

2. Record your podcast. Using whichever voice recording program you feel most comfortable with, record your interview. It shouldn’t be more than five minutes long in total.

Here are some programs you could possibly use!

  • Podomatic (free download by clicking on this link)
  • Voice Candy (free download by clicking on this link)
  • Quicktime Player (on your computer)
  • Garageband (on computer)

3. Export to a sound file and put it in my inbox on the server.

Good luck and have fun!!

Loving Yourself…Inside and Out

In our 6th grade health classes, we are currently talking to students about body image.  We use a lot of resources to help our students understand that we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc.  But nothing is a better example than personal stories.  Here’s Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o speech on Black Beauty and the importance of loving yourself…Inside and out.

This would also be a great addition and example in Media Literacy Lessons.