Too Cute Not to Share

Ok, this made my day.  Technology can be a daunting thing for anyone!  But think about if you have never used a computer before????  These high school digital natives are on an Upworthy mission to help teach senior citizens learn how to use computers and various social media sites. And they are documenting every step of the way.  What a great learning opportunity for the seniors and what a great teaching opportunity for teens.  I hope this trend catches and opens up a new world to seniors around the world!!! Too cute:)

Cyber Seniors Documentary

And the Trailer:

7th Grade: Healthy Choices Letter

Making healthy choices as you get older can be a tough thing to do.  Luckily, you just learned all the most updated information about how to live a healthy lifestyle in our grade 7 Health class.  Now it’s your turn to share what you’ve learned!  Your job is to write a letter to an incoming 6th grade student teaching them how to make at least 3 healthy choices while in middle school when it comes to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, technology and/or time management.  Make sure to state WHY these healthy choices are important and how making these choices can improve different areas of health (social, emotional, physical and mental).  Also, give some specific suggestions of what they can do to make their middle school days as healthy as possible, as well as some personal examples from your own experience.

Great luck!

Healthy Choices Assessment Letter F2014

Healthy Choices Rubric- F2014