Healthy Living for Girls

Day 1:

  • Introduce Myself
  • To get to know the girls better and for them to get to know themselves better they are going to create a poster displaying 5 things they love about themselves.
  • What is required on the poster is:
    • their name (just first name is fine)
    • A large picture of something they love making sure they are able to write in it or around (ex: tree)
    • List or write 5 things they love about themselves.  This one can be hard for some kids so I had them think about their character strengths, activities and/or hobbies they love doing, etc.
  • Girls spent the rest of class time completing their posters while I walked around and chatted with them, getting to know them better

Day 2:

  • Girls will finish up posters
  • Have girls come to the discussion area to share poster. I decided I would share first to break the ice and this worked out really well.
  • Girls will break off into small groups generating ideas for activities they want to do this quarter in exploratory.  I make sure they understand to choose activities that will help balance all sides of the wellness wheel (social, emotional, physical and mental).
  • Come back as a group and share ideas.
  • Decide which ideas are best for this group of girls and mark them down on the calendar.

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