Gratitude through Baking


The announcements did not lie. This was the best bake sale ever. Ms. Hefte’s home base sold a wide variety of cookies, cupcakes, and delicious baked goods. That may be reason enough for some people to believe that it truly was the best bake sale, but there’s more. Our bake sale was to raise money to help show our appreciation to the people who keep our school the amazing place it is. You guessed it, the support staff at SAS. The whole middle school worked together to feed the support staff lunch and fill bags with food for them to share with their families during this holiday season. Could there be a better time to give back to our amazing support staff than Chinese New Year? I didn’t think so. Ms. Hefte and her home base truly did pull off the best bake sale ever, and learned a lot about gratitude in the process.

By Lily Heald-6th grader @ SAS

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