Great Articles to Find information About Technology and its Affects on Teens

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.47.01 AM

Interesting article just came out a couple weeks ago from CNN about kids and teens and altering the outdated screen time recommendations.  Check out the link to read the article and watch some informative videos.

Pediatricians to “tweek” Outdated Screen Time Recommendations for Kids

Another great site to get current and valid information about technology and its affects on teens is from TeenBeing website.

A new documentary coming out called, “Being 13” is making big news in the States.  Check out this article called “Why Some Thirteen Year Olds Check their phone 100 Times a Day” where you will find great facts about social media and how it affects every day teens. #beingthirteen

Another study happening in New York called “Being 12: The Year Everything Changes”.  It’s full of pictures, images, and some videos about this crucial year in children’s lives.

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