Do You Know Your Character Strengths?

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.20.24 AM

How many of you know your character strengths?  In our middle school classrooms, all students take the VIA character strengths survey to find out their strengths.  Why you ask?  Well, we think by our students knowing and understanding their strengths, it will help them better understand who they are, what they areas they are skilled in to help them increase their self-esteem and confidence while bringing more happiness to their lives.

“Our goal at the VIA Institute is to provide a simple and effective way for each of us to learn more about ourselves and our personalized pathways to happiness”  ~VIA Institute.

Why wouldn’t you want to increase your feelings of self-worth and happiness?  Take the free survey today to find out your VIA character strengths!  Every one should take it!!!  You never know, It may change your life…


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